An early fall morning in the field with birds being coaxed towards our spread of magnum decoys, within feet of your blind. The rush you get between watching your nice shooting pay off as they fall to the ground, and getting back in your blind fast enough to do it again moments later. The fast pace of waterfowl hunting has it rapidly growing in popularity, and makes it a fantastic way to maximize your hunting experience. Newly increased daily bag limits add to the fun! If you’re looking for a great way to spend the mornings of a fall bear hunt, or simply for the bird enthusiasts who love to see them fall, our guided waterfowl hunts will send you home with a smile on your face, time and time again.


Mid September – Late November



• By the day, or by the week*
• Active, pre-scouted hunting areas
• Magnum decoys for high visibility
• Goose chairs and/or coffin blinds
• Handling and cleaning of game
• Experienced, local guides

4 hunters / group max

* Week-long bookings include 5 night accommodations



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