You wait all year for season to come. Out before sunrise, and patiently dedicated to your hunt until the sun has set. Young bucks and does aren’t holding your attention anymore, but you see something moving in the distance. It’s the thick, healthy buck you’ve been waiting for, and you know you made the right decision to wait for the big one! Manitoba is home to some great Whitetail Deer. Stands, blinds, and trail cameras are in place well in advance to allow us to get an idea of what you might see. But as you’d expect, we can never capture them all. With an allocation of well over 450,000 acres, and large portions of this being solid bush, quality Whitetail are everywhere and trophy bucks are being taken year after year. With the best known buck coming out of our area scoring a massive 196” typical, Manitoba truly does harbor some monster deer. You can book with confidence knowing we will do whatever it takes to give you the best opportunity at wall-worthy Whitetail.



Archery: Late August – Early November
Mid October – Early November
Rifle: Early November – Late November


Combo bear & deer hunts are available during the month of September and the first week of October. The deer must be taken with an archery license



• 5 days of hunting
• 5 night accommodations
• Active, pre-baited hunting sites
• Solid, comfortable tree stands / ground blinds
• Handling and field dressing of game
• Freezer facilities
• Experienced, local guides

6 hunters / week max


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